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In the state of Indiana, anyone can file for a divorce from their spouse at any time and for any reason – this is directly caused by the fact that Indiana is a no-fault divorce state. While there is obviously some benefits to this system, such as being able to file at one’s own convenience and pace, there are also some opportunities for downsides or disadvantages.

There are two sides to every divorce:

  • Petitioner: The person who actually files for divorce and needs to serve the papers to their spouse.
  • Respondent: The spouse who is served the papers, or is otherwise told that the petitioner is ending the marriage.

One major problem in particular stems from the fact that the petitioner can say or list virtually anything they want when they are filing for divorce, and the respondent has no idea of what is being said. To address this issue, a cross-petition can be used.

What Is a Cross Petition? What Does a Cross-Petition Do?

If you are the respondent in your divorce, you should really know what your spouse has said about you in the original petition. Oftentimes, it is less-than-favorable things, despite there being no precise legal reason to cite blame in the divorce.

By creating your own petition, or a cross-petition, you can do two important things:

  1. Speak your mind: In your cross-petition, you can list all the reasons why you think your spouse is at-fault for the divorce, if need be. More importantly, you can argue why you should be granted particular benefits or rights in the divorce, such as primary child custody or spousal support.
  2. Solidify the divorce: If you are only the respondent, the petitioner can cancel the divorce at any time without your input. With a cross-petition in place, you will both have to withdraw from the divorce if you want it to stop, giving you more control of what is happening.

Today Is the Day to Stand Up for Your Rights!

Divorces are not going to be a particularly pleasant for everyone involved, but matters only get worse when there are complications or questionable motives behind the petition. If you need support, please do not hesitate to contact our divorce attorneys in Carmel and Indianapolis at your earliest convenience. With our guidance and legal know-how, we should be able to find a resolution to your dispute or concerns with as little stress or weight on your shoulders as possible.

Do you need to know about cross-petitions in-depth? Call (888) 211-3888 today to speak to our Carmel and Indianapolis cross-petitions lawyers from Hollingsworth Roberts Means!

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