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Carmel Divorce Arbitration

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Have you and your spouse hit a wall in your divorce proceedings? Do you feel like you are locked into a stalemate and just cannot seem to see eye-to-eye on certain important matters? If you want to settle issues such as child custody or spousal support without dragging you both to divorce court, you can actually use divorce arbitration instead. At Hollingsworth Roberts Means, our Carmel divorce arbitration attorneys can help walk you through this difficult time, as well as provide legal support both you and your spouse can appreciate.

To learn more about arbitration, or if you think you are ready to begin arbitration for your divorce case, contact us today at (888) 211-3888 and schedule an initial consultation with our Carmel divorce arbitration lawyers.

Benefits of Divorce Arbitration in Indiana

No one really wants to have to go to court to settle their family law disputes. Not only is this expensive and time-consuming, but many people understandably feel embarrassed to have to let an impartial judge handle their “dirty laundry,” so to speak. This is exactly where arbitration becomes beneficial.

In arbitration, both you and your spouse will agree upon one Carmel divorce arbitration attorney to, more or less, represent you both; this is actually similar to mediation, where one lawyer listens to both spouses and tries to guide them towards a solution without necessarily given direct legal advice. Unlike mediation, however, a divorce arbitration lawyer is actually given the power to make a decision on the divorce proceedings, much like a judge.

Benefits specific to arbitration include:

  • More personal: You select the arbitrator you trust with handling your case, rather than a court-appointed judge looking at your case like just another number.
  • More focused: You can decide what aspects of your divorce you want to address during the proceedings, allowing you to avoid time wasted on less important matters.
  • More convenient: You get to pick the day, time, and location of your meetings, assuming it works for your spouse as well.
  • More privacy: You choose who knows about your divorce proceedings, rather than jeopardizing your confidentiality by bringing matters to a public court.
  • More leeway: You can present evidence in any way you choose, not having to worry about being bound by courtroom regulations.
  • More savings: You may be able to expect an arbitration proceeding to be dramatically less in cost than bringing the decision to court.

Keep in mind that an arbitrator’s decision is likely to be legally binding. If you do not agree with the ultimate decision, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to reverse or challenge it. For this reason, it is all the more important for you to find and retain an Carmel divorce arbitration attorney you trust.

Reliable and Honest Arbitration in Carmel & Indianapolis, IN

As many states still do not allow the use of arbitration to settle divorce disputes, it is entirely possible that you have not heard of this helpful procedure before. Not to worry, though, as our friendly and highly-acclaimed team of Carmel divorce arbitration attorneys are here to help you understand your legal options and choose the one that works best for your unique situation. We never want you to feel like anything less than a welcome friend, so we strive to stay in close contact with you as your case develops. After all, you and your family deserve to find some comfort in this trying time, and we would be honored to be the ones to help you find it.

We serve families in Carmel, Indianapolis, and all around the counties of Central Indiana. Contact us today at (888) 211-3888 if you need our Carmel divorce arbitration lawyers' help!

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