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In some instances, individuals seeking to marry will enter into a prenuptial (also called premarital) agreement that stipulate the division of assets and other matters in the event that a divorce is pursued. Courts in Indiana will give heavy consideration to these agreements.

To be considered valid, the agreements must meet the following criteria:

  • The pre-marital agreement must be in writing.
  • The pre-marital agreement must be signed by both parties.
  • The pre-marital agreement must be signed voluntarily.
  • The agreement cannot be unreasonably one sided.

Prenuptial agreements can be revoked or amended after marriage if both parties voluntarily agree and reduce their changes to writing. As mentioned before, these documents can include decisions on property and asset division.

Similarly, postnuptial agreements can be created once a couple is already married. The agreement must meet the same criteria for validity, ensuring both sides voluntarily agree and are honored fairly. They can include terms for issues like debt, property, and business division as well. These legal documents can also be used to protect children from previous marriages, providing for inheritance and other specifications.

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At our firm, we truly care about helping you minimize conflict and work through legal obstacles. Whether you need to set up a postnuptial agreement or just want to make sure you are prepared for an impending divorce, you can rely on our team of Carmel and Indianapolis divorce lawyers for counsel. We are here to walk you through all the process and can assess your needs along the way.

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