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Can Grandparents Adopt Their Grandchild?

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Can a Grandparent Adopt Their Grandchild?

Under certain circumstances, grandparents are forced to be solely responsible for child support and love. To become permanent caretakers, it is wise to understand the adoption process. Although this type of situation may cause problems within the family dynamic, it is essential to think about the welfare of the child involved. To receive help, it is wise to consult with an experienced Carmel family law attorney.

Even though there are times when a grandparent is responsible for the support and care of a grandchild, things may be temporary. For example, when a parent is deployed or is incarcerated for a short period of time, a grandparent may step into a parental role. In these cases, adoption is unnecessary.

However, there are instances when a grandparent may need to begin the adoption process. For instance, when a parent dies, adoption may be the next step. Also, if a parent is threatening a grandchild's safety and well-being, adoption may be a solution. A grandparent can petition the court to terminate conventional parental rights.

What Grandparents Need to Know Before Considering Adopting Your Grandchild

According to the Grandfamilies State Law and Policy Resource Center, 7% of children in Indiana live with their grandparents. When a grandparent considers adoption, the parents must agree. A simple private adoption is possible. Biological parental rights are terminated, and grandparents become the child’s legal guardians.

However, a grandparent may adopt a grandchild without parental consent. For instance, if the child is abandoned for at least six months, if there is no child support or communication for one year, or if the parent is found unfit, a grandparent can go through with the adoption process.

Navigating Grandparent Adoptions with Legal Assistance

In Indiana, adoption is a serious matter. Things can get complicated, especially when a parent fights the process. It is vital for grandparents to understand their legal options and rights. Having an experienced and trusted Carmel family law attorney is extremely helpful. At HOLLINGSWORTH ROBERTS MEANS, our goal is to guide clients through the adoption process so that a cohesive family unit is preserved.

Our first priority is making sure that the involved children are properly protected. For more information on adopting a grandchild, call us at (888) 211-3888.