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How a Divorce Can Impact a Child’s Education

In some circumstances, divorces are inevitable and the best thing for all parties involved. Even when this is true, there is no denying that divorces change people's lives. In many circumstances, divorces impact the kids the hardest, and quite frequently, their school habits will change. Let’s look at how a divorce can affect a child’s education. 

Custody Could Impact a Child’s Education

First and foremost, custody decisions could impact a child’s education. Parents with legal custody have the right to make educational decisions on behalf of their children. Therefore, a parent with sole legal custody can enroll or unenroll his or her child in private school, even if the other parent disagrees with the decision.

In fact, a parent with sole legal custody could even decide to homeschool a child if he or she gets court approval.

Therefore, legal custody drastically impacts a child’s education, but so does physical custody. If a parent has sole physical custody of a child and moves to a new city, the child may have to move with the parent depending on a court ruling. If a child moves to a new town, he or she will have to enroll at a new school.

While custody can impact a child’s education, a divorce itself can also affect a child’s education.

Child Processing a Divorce

Unfortunately, many kids perform worse in school after a divorce; however, it’s arguable that this is a result of a lack of support more than it is a direct result of facing a divorce process.

If a divorce impacts your child’s education, it may be a good idea to cut them some slack knowing they are processing what happened. Getting upset about their grades may only make things worse, so think about what it means to be an advocate for your child during this time.

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