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Car Accidents Are a Leading Cause of Injury & Death Nationwide. Work with Our Personal Injury Attorneys to Recover the Compensation You Deserve.

Representing Victims of Car Accidents

Our Carmel Personal Injury Attorneys Hold At-Fault Parties Accountable

We see other drivers negligently operating their vehicles all the time: speeding, driver inattention, running red lights, texting, talking on cell phones, putting on make-up, and eating. Too often, innocent people are the victims of this irresponsible behavior. The results can be tragic. There are an estimated 10 million car accidents in this country every year. You may hear us call them “crashes” because they are rarely true accidents – someone is almost always at fault.

Even what some people think of as “minor” car accidents can result in major headaches and inconvenience. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, it’s safe to assume that the other driver’s insurance company is already preparing its defense of your claim: snapping pictures, taking measurements, interviewing witnesses, and developing theories to try and excuse the other driver’s fault in order to deny you a fair settlement. The insurance company has a mission to minimize the amount of money it pays on your claim or even deny it altogether.

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We Are Not Intimidated by Large Insurance Companies

Going up against a large insurance company can be intimidating. Don’t worry – you do not have to go up against these resources alone. Our experienced Carmel auto accident attorney can help determine what caused the crash, how it happened, and who is responsible.

When we investigate a crash, we always want to see the incident report and hear eyewitness accounts. For many attorneys, this is all they rely on to form their conclusions. At Hollingsworth Roberts Means, LLC, we know that the physical evidence is the most valuable information and is not always consistent with what witnesses think they saw.

We thoroughly investigate crashes, from photographing the vehicles and scene to interviewing witnesses. When necessary, we use expert reconstructionists to interpret the physical evidence and determine how a crash happened. This enables us to establish who is responsible and get our clients the best possible result.

Experienced Hamilton County Counsel You Can Trust

Our team will evaluate all of the issues of your case, including the applicable provisions of the Indiana Motor Vehicle Code, the other driver’s liability, the nature and extent of your injuries, any future or long-term care which may be necessary, and all insurance which may be available to pay your claim.

In addition to handling cases of wrongful death and serious personal injury, we have a team of investigators who can help prepare your case for settlement or trial, if necessary. We are committed to using our experience and knowledge of how insurance companies work to protect your interests and recover a fair settlement for you. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you only pay us a fee if we recover.

We have a unique perspective in car accident cases. We used to represent insurance companies before we started helping victims and their families. With this unique experience, we are able to provide our clients with outstanding representation and work to obtain compensation for serious injuries and wrongful death stemming from car accidents.

We help clients recover monetary damages for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Future care costs
  • Rehabilitation / physical therapy / occupational therapy
  • Other accident-related expenses
  • Property damage / loss of use / diminution in value

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There are many causes of car accidents including speeding, aggressive driving, driver fatigue, drunk driving, and negligence. Negligence means legal fault. Driver inattention is probably the most common cause of crashes. People may think doing these activities is “no big deal,” but doing them while driving can have catastrophic – even deadly – consequences.

We will thoroughly investigate each case to determine all of the factors which may have contributed to the crash, explore every possible theory of liability, and identify all responsible parties and all possible sources of insurance coverage. Car accidents can be violent, horrifying experiences complete with crashing metal, skidding tires, twisted wreckage, and broken glass. If you or a member of your family has been involved in a crash, we understand what needs to be done to gather and preserve evidence and build your case.

Most Carmel personal injury lawyers who handle a large volume of cases have to settle them all because there is simply no way they can take them to trial. Insurance companies know this and it could put the client at a disadvantage. Unlike many law firms, we don’t assume that your case will settle out of court and are not afraid of taking it to trial.

What to do if you have been in an accident.

First, get off the road. If your vehicle is driveable and you can do so safely, get out of the travelled portion of the roadway. The idea that insurance companies won’t pay because the vehicles were moved is largely a myth. By staying in the road, you impede the flow of the traffic and risk causing another crash. You may have seen signs on the interstate telling people involved in a “fender bender” to get off the road. Look for a shoulder, parking lot, or gas station.

Follow these steps after a car accident:

  • Request medical attention if you need it.
  • Try to photograph the vehicles before moving them.
  • Do not give a statement or apologize. Do not sign any documents.
  • Get names and contact information of any witnesses.
  • For winter time slide-offs, leave the engine running to stay warm as long as the tailpipe is not obstructed.
  • Have AAA or a local towing service’s phone number saved in your cell phone contacts. There is a good chance they will arrive before law enforcement.
  • For flat tires and other mechanical problems (especially on the interstate), call a tow truck.

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