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The Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Divorce

COVID-19 and its closures have changed the nation in countless ways. From record unemployment numbers to businesses that have been in years for decades closing their doors, it’s safe to say that a vast majority of the nation has been financially impacted due to the virus.

Additionally, those going through divorce are facing more challenging times than ever, as the economy has had a significant impact on divorces.

Finances & Divorce After COVID-19

In Indiana, all divorcing couples must put together a plan of how the assets will be divided. Indiana law states that the division of the assets must be fair, but they do not have to be divided equally.

Financial matters are most important in the majority of marriages, and due to the current state of the nation’s economy, it’s more important now than ever to have a solid understanding of where your finances stand.

The thing we can’t stress enough to our clients is that you need to know what you have. It’s far too common for one spouse to be the one to handle all financial matters in a marriage.

When one person is paying the bills, tracking spending, and keeping track of property, it can be a nightmare for the other spouse to get their fair share following the divorce. They could attempt to hide assets from you, which would keep them from having to divide them in the divorce.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep this from happening in your divorce:

  • Become involved in the managing of your finances. Learn more about where your monthly expenses are coming from and where your money is going.
  • Know the difference between marital property and separate property:
    • Marital Property - Anything acquired after your marriage.
    • Separate Property - Anything acquired before your marriage. These items will not be subject to division.
  • Discuss your situation with an experienced Indiana Family Law firm to get more information on what steps to take next.

Many people believe that the items divided in a divorce are only tangible. However, there are many other things on the list that you might not realize, including:

  • Retirement funds and benefits
  • Stocks
  • Income
  • Debt
  • Businesses

At RMRK Legal, our team of trusted family law attorneys uses our years of experience to help our clients get the most favorable outcomes from their divorces.

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