Podcast PARENTAL GUIDANCE from Catherine Michael, JD and Carla Leader, JD

Dear Friends:

As many of you know I have been working with fellow attorney Carla Leader on a free podcast for parents. We are committed to providing useful information to help navigate school issues such as special education, discipline, social media, bullying and more. Everything you need to know to navigate the education system - and what we wish we had known as parents. Our podcast Parental Guidance is NOW LIVE! Please click here and SUBSCRIBE! And also please send the link to your friends.

Our ability to make this information accessible and easy to find for parents is based on placement for these podcasts and the number of initial subscriptions. So please subscribe today either on your iphone podcast icon or online as above through itunes. We have a number of episodes coming out this month that we know will be both educational and entertaining.

Please also like our Facebook Page, https://facebook.com/pgthepodcast, for important announcements and updates about the podcast, and to post questions for us to address in an upcoming episode! Information and knowledge is key to knowing how to advocate for your child, and we’re going to give it to you!

Thanks! Catherine