Now Hiring at Our Carmel Office

Roberts Means Roncevic Kapela, LLC is growing and expanding in leaps and bounds! In addition to our ongoing expansion into Southern Indiana, we are looking for the perfect addition(s) to our Carmel, Indiana Team! While this might seem like "just another job opening," this is something a bit different than we have ever sought out before. We absolutely love our Carmel Team—the dynamic is awesome—the team of attorneys and professional staff we currently have is incredible...we have a great thing going! We simply need more help to be able to provide our clients with the kind of attention and service they deserve. The right person(s) with a positive attitude, great work ethic and compassion for clients is essential to work within our unique culture.

We are looking for at high-energy, positive, compassionate attorney with at least 5-10 years of family law experience who is committed to helping our clients thrive during and after the most difficult personal circumstances (divorce, etc). We are willing to consider another small family law firm or group of attorneys if the right opportunity presents itself. ALSO, with the addition of even one more attorney, we will need additional paralegal assistance as well, which means we are willing to consider bringing on current staff for the right attorney(s). We believe that there are numerous great attorneys in our community who get bogged down with the grind of trying to wear too many hats---practice law, send client invoices, collect payments, pay bills, manage staff, market their skills, etc. etc. etc.

We are looking for a professional(s) who are looking to simplify life, focus time and attention on serving clients, and leave the grind to us...which hopefully will result in working less, accomplishing more, and having happier clients. We are confident this will result in happier and more professionally satisfied lifestyles for a great attorney, or team of attorneys, who are feeling exhausted from the grind. We have experienced first-hand that magic can happen when people step into a situation where they have great systems in place, an amazing team of administrative professionals to assist them, and (maybe we are a bit biased, but...) the absolute best legal team of experienced associates and paralegals around!

Our salaries are extremely competitive, and our benefit packages (including 100% paid health insurance and 401k match) are second to none. Interested candidates should contact us at: ALL INQUIRIES WILL BE KEPT COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL.