How Will I know if my Child is Making Progress?

In order to measure your child's progress, the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team must first indentify her current levels as a base line or a starting point for creating goals. Present levels of academic achievement and functional performance are based on data from objective assessments. The team uses this data to write measurable IEP goals that will allow you and the school to monitor your child's progress.

Every IEP should say how progress towards annual goals will be recorded and monitored. Parents should receive progress reports that the school may issue quarterly or with report cards. Your child's IEP must describe how your child's progress toward the annual goals will be measured and when you will receive progress reports. Be aware of progress being reported by "teacher observation." When a child's progress is monitored by subjective "teacher observations," parents do not have objective data about their child's progress toward the goals in the IEP.

Ask your child's teachers and service providers how and when they will measure your child's progress. You may ask:

  1. How often will you measure my child's progress?
  2. What tests or assessments will you use to measure my child's progress?
  3. How often will you communicate with me about my child's progress of lack of progress?


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